Welcome to The Linux Bar!

Here we talk about anything related to Linux (as well as computers in general). We have a strict no-elitism policy and enforce our rules.

Our Story

Once upon a time, an Indian boy under the nickname TuxedLinux created a server called GNU/Linux Discord as a sign of his obsession with Linux. He invited his friends, including Purple Scientist, Connor and tildearrow, who would later on become staff. The server was slowly growing, and shortly after it got rebranded to The Linux Hangout. Purple put a lot of his effort in the server, like making the server logo, rules, channels, emotes, and inviting his very own PurpleBot. Later, the server was rebranded once again as The Linux Bar. That was also when the ownership of the server got transferred to Purple Scientist. Then Tuxed started to regret his decision, as he was being involved less and less in the server’s development. Some time after, Tuxed started to show negative behaviour. He did many changes to the server without the other staff’s permission, spammed and blamed others for his actions. He also happened to be underage (Discord users are allowed to be at least 13 years old, while he was 12). That’s when the staff had to take serious action on him. TuxedLinux ended up getting banned from the server and reported to Discord’s Support Center. And to this day, The Linux Bar continues to flourish as a friendly and helpful Discord server.

Our Rules

We enforce our rules for the safety of our fellow members. If you see something that is off, please report it. As a member, you can help to stop potential raids, scams or hacker attacks just by reporting. We appreciate it.

We have news feeds suited for you

We have Microsoft, Apple and Linux news feeds right in our server, so you can stay up to date with the world’s most popular tech companies.

The Linux Bar

We value our members and welcome you to our wonderful server.

Contact us

Owner: Purple Scientist#3199
Staff Team: tildearrow#0287, Connor.#2019


Anywhere where there’s Internet access

Did you get banned, or do you want to suggest some new things that we should add to the server?

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